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Grants for Nurses from Queen's Institute of District Nursing in Ireland

Queens Institute of District Nursing:

The Queen's Institute of District Nursing in Ireland provides funding for:

  • providing services for palliative home care to the terminally ill.
  • the instruction and/or training of nurses for the provision of palliative home care for the terminally ill and
  • to provide assistance for the sick and socially disadvantaged in their own homes.

The Institute funds are intended to help where there is either undue delay in obtaining the required assistance, or where funds are not available from the statutory authorities.

Guidelines for Funding Requests

  • For the education of Registered Nurses, and care attendants, engaged in caring for patients in their own homes including:
    • Fees for recognized short term courses in palliative care nursing.    
    • Financial support for nurses to visit facilities providing palliative care, in order to gain experience.  
    •  In limited instances to help support nurses who are undertaking a higher degree in palliative care nursing or geriatric nursing.   
    • To fund clinically based research into the provision of community/palliative nursing care.? 
  • To help with the purchase of equipment necessary for the treatment and / or comfort of patients with a terminal condition, who are being cared for at home, such as:
    • Syringe drivers for the delivery of pain relief.   
    • Aids to mobility.   
    • Equipment to prevent pressure sores.   
    • In limited instances, more expensive requirements such as stair lifts may be considered..? 
  • To assist with the provision of respite for carers, for example:
    • Help with nursing home fees
    • Assistance with payment for a substitute carer.? 
  • To assist with the setting up and development of palliative care units in County and District Hospitals:
    • Help with the purchase of furniture and equipment.   
    • Assistance with provision of other amenities. ?

Application for grants in other areas may be considered.

To apply for a Grant click here: http://www.qidn.ie/apply.htm


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