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Update 27th July 2022
Public Sector Pay Talks Update


Dear Member, 

As outlined in previous notices to members, the public sector pay talks adjourned on June 17th, with Government yet to return to the table with a better offer to tackle sharp rises in the cost of living resulting from inflation.

On Monday (25th July) your Executive Council met to endorse the INMO’s participation in the ICTU public-service wide campaign on the response to the rise in the cost of living. This means that all unions that represent public sector workers including nurses and midwives, will engage in a campaign together to encourage Government back to the table.

At this morning’s meeting of public sector trade unions, it was decided that all public sector unions will ballot for industrial action if necessary.

This campaign is seeking to highlight the impact this increase to the cost of living has on all workers and for those in the public sector how the pay awards set out in Building Momentum no longer reflect the reality faced. There is a cost to being a nurse or a midwife before we even cross the threshold of our places of work – nurses and midwives do not have an option to work from home one or two days a week, when we are rostered in, we are expected to show up. There is a significant cost when you have to drive to and from work for every shift. Nurses and midwives are driving lengthy distances because it is becoming impossible to afford a home to buy or rent near our places of work.

After this morning’s meeting of public sector trade unions, an invitation was received from the Workplace Relations Commission asking that both Government representatives and trade unions re-engage in the middle of August. Any further developments in relation to progressing the trade union claim to improve the offer from Government will be brought to your attention immediately.

We understand that there is concern around the 3.28% increase for nurse manager grades. As outlined in your last notice from me, discussions have now concluded, it is accepted that this payment is due, and that back money will be paid to February 2022.

The remaining issue is the detail on the circular giving instructions to payroll departments to pay. Delay and frustration of the process is becoming a feature from the HSE and Department of Health when it comes to implementing issues that have been agreed such as the pandemic recognition payment and the pay differential for nurse managers. We will continue to ensure your payments are paid to you and dates for payment will be notified as soon as we have confirmation of same.

We will continue to keep you informed as the situation develops.

Is mise,

Phil Ní Sheaghdha
General Secretary





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